Maybe you're lost...

But maybe there's someone looking around for you.


Era Brincadeira If you're happy If you're sad If you're stressed If you just are


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It’s like there’s little needles inside me now.
It hurts. It hurts so little compared to the pain inside.
I always knew the problem was with me. And I know I can’t change. It’s just who I am.
Maybe I’m not good at anything or to anyone.
I was born to be alone. I was born to die alone. Or I was just born to die anyways.
It was the most painful and greatest bath of my life.
Hot water running trough my cuts.
Some of them are still bleeding.
I wish there was more.
It’s not hurting, it’s feeling good.
It was the last time I made them.
I will miss my pals.
If everything goes that wrong one more time, I’ll meet them again.
They’ll go with me to heaven.
They’ll make me feel safe again.

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